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Bali Spirit Festival

Mar 29 – Apr 5, 2020

For those of you who want to find the inner understanding of themselves, Bali Spirit Festival would be a perfect choice. The focus is Balinese Hindu concept of Tri Hita Karana—living in harmony with the spiritual, social and natural environments.

The festival is also committed to local charities ​and pledges to provide financial, logistical and organizational support. The festival’s programme includes the events connected to the inspirational traditions of yoga, dance, and music. So if you want to lift your spirits, this is a must destination!

The festival might change location, but traditionally it is held at the Purnati Center for the Arts, just half-an-hour drive from Ubud.

| ORIGIN UBUD | Best Villas in Bali - Bali Food Festival

Ubud Food Festival

Apr 17 – Apr 19, 2020

Ubud Food Festival is an Asia’s leading culinary celebration, with the spotlight on Indonesian food and its food industry members shining brighter than ever. Everything from cooking demonstrations, food tours, masterclasses, in-depth discussions and panels, film screenings, kids events and special events are showcased at the Ubud Food Festival, with invited guests from all over Indonesia participating to talk and host.

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Ubud Artisan Market

Every 1st Sunday of the month

First launched on Sunday, 4 August, 2019 The Artisan Market showcases local Indonesian art, design and other handcrafted artisan goods along with their creators. It’s held on every first Sunday of every month from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at Taman Baca (Ubud Writers & Readers Festival venue), Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Kedewatan.

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Ubud Writers & Readers Festival

Oct 28 – Nov 01, 2020

Ubud Writers & Readers Festival is a platform for meaningful exchange and cross-cultural dialogue. A place where artists and audiences alike can discuss shared inspirations, ideas and concerns, the Festival transcends cultural and geographical borders to create a truly global community.